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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Green tea and weight loss tipes with 15 minutes exercise

I'm not going to lie. the first time i tried green tea, I hated it and i don't understand why would anyone want to do that, to their taste about .

but that's like all of my friends i jumped on to the green tea brands.
Because I desperately want to lose weight a couple of years later i did .
and a lot of it but was green tea the reason why i got from being fat being fit you will have the answer? by the end of the blogs. so why everyone going Crecy with green tea. green tea breaks down fat cells and move them to a blood for foster use agree .
but have you ever wondered what happens to those fat cells after the move towards blood .
but how much would like it a body weight of a clear fat in reality those fats cells still need to be burned .
because if they lord then stoma blood they will move back to be installed again and thought only way to burn those fat cells by doing something physically activity. like walking running swimming each exercise. but most people don't exercise and we think that drinking one cup of green tea is equal to burning some hundreds of calories .
so when is you from samosa,Berger,kachuri we think I'm going to eat the snow.
 and then I'm going to drink two cups of green tea to burn it away it does not work that way in fact .
because of this misconception you putting one more way because green tea alone can lots make you lose weight i lost a lot of weight yes but not by drinking green tea.
                            I move from being fat to being fitted. by eating healthy and exercise if you want to know how i can check out these Blogs. that i made explaining everything about healthy life and about how to begin working out at home.
 if you like it then you enjoy want to look up every day, but remember it's not shortcut weight loss.
In fact just took one shot to and don't forget to comment this blog and talk about friends , school,love.
 You really promise to do it again.
Keep fighting the fight to be fit.

15 minutes exercise tips

  1. 45 seconds work.
  2. 15 seconds rest.
  3. Worm up to start workout.
  4. You decided to morning and evening what ever is best for you.
  5. Workout minimum 5 day every week.
  6. Move side to side & increase your speed.
  7. Maintain an active lifestyle.
  8. Move side to side with Toe Taps.
  9. Chest fly/Rotators cuff.
  10. Allows keep a bottle of water with you and drinking.
  11. Skipping imaginary.
            And you have made a life style.
                            Thanks you


  1. The scientific community now generally believes that Catechin in green tea has played a decisive role in weight loss. Catechin is the main constituent of tea polyphenols, accounting for 60% -80%. Tea polyphenols may not be unfamiliar to everyone. A certain brand of green tea beverages claims to contain a lot of tea polyphenols. In fact, it is the general term for polyphenols in green tea. Numerous trials have shown that the intake of catechins (270mg to 1200mg / day) does reduce body weight and fat.
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