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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Thermometer Inventor Thermometer of colored water

Galileo Galilei is claimed to be the inventor of the thermometer.

Thermometer of colored water.

When the temperature of the water rises upwards from four degrees Celsius, its volume increases and the temperature decreases by four degrees above the temperature. This decrease in volume is proportional to the increase.

You can make colorful water 

Thermometer drawing :

very easily by adopting this religion. Let's see how science tells us how to make colored water simple thermometer.
Thermometer and tablets

What is required :

 A flask or conical flask, rubber stopper, thin glass (with porous) and a little colored water.

What to do and what to look for thermometer drawing :

 First, take colored water in the canal flask. Insert the glass pane-er  into the flask by inserting it into a rubber stopper. We call this system thermometers of colored water. 
Fever images
But the real work is left. Now, this device will have to be lined at a height of water in narrow glassware at different known temperatures. The task will be easy if the art paper is covered with a thin crust.
After drawing in such a way that you can see the height of the colored water in the angle or space at which the temperature of the room is narrow.
Can tell
What a fun thing to do! You can make colored water simple thermometers yourself. Now with this simple thermometer you can measure the temperature in different places. The joy of measuring the temperature of different places is different by employing your own thermometer. In saying what !
Thermometer with muffler images

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