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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Lactometer with pen refill

Lactometer with pen refill

The relative importance of the fluid is measured with a lactometer. This instrument is used to measure the purity of milk. This is a lined glass bulb. The bottom of the bulb contains mercury. Here's how to make a lactometer with a simple refill - here's how.

What to look for (Lactometer with pen refill) 

A thin glass tube (25-5 cm in length, 3-5 mm in diameter), an ink-zero refill and paraffin, etc.

What to do and what to look for (Lactometer with pen refill)

 First take an empty (in-zero) refill. The brass ball mounted on the face of the refill should be pulled off with a sash. The bottom edge of the glass tube and both sides of the refill should be closed with paraffin.

Before giving paraffin, it should be closed with a small piece of wood. If the paraffin is melted and put into these places, it will stop the pores from freezing soon after. The open mouth of the glass tube will be on top. Refill should be placed in the tube. This time, pouring water into the glass tube will refill. The refill will be submerged in water. The rest will float on the water.

Twenty cm from the edge of the glass tube. You have to give a spot at a distance. Refill height should be noted in the glass tube by pouring water up to that specific spot. The location should be marked by 5. Because of the relative importance of water. The relative importance of an unknown fluid can be measured by examining some of the known relative importance fluids and lining the glass tube.
Lactometer Drawing

But why (Lactometer with pen refill)?

 When measuring the relative importance of an unknown fluid, it has to be poured into the glass tube to that particular spot. Then the relative importance of the liquid can be seen by looking at the position (top edge) of the refill in the glass tube. The top edge of the refill should be black or some other dark color. This will facilitate the refill through the glass. The purity of milk can be measured with this instrument. Relative importance of pure milk 4.1.

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