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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

What do we mean by ceramics

What do we mean by ceramics?

 The term English ceramics is derived from the Greek word 'Keramos'     - 

meaning clay or clay of a potter or a potter. With the current term, all kinds of earthenware are exposed - no matter what their composition or use. All types of ceramics are prepared from various soils, including Phelps, shining stones, clay stones.

Of course, ceramics are a mixture of silicon carbon, oxygen and other basic materials, including nitrogen.

 Soil is the main ingredient of ceramics preparation. These soils are formed by erosion of the natural rocks such that the effects of wind and water are eroded.

 Most of the clay soils are found in graphite. Ceramics are made in beds at a temperature of 5 ° C-4 ° C. A special kind of reactor called kiln helps in this process. Almost all ceramics produced are called glue flakes - they are called glazes. Ceramics are made of various types of objects. Soil for construction of brick and drainpipe molds. And is used in shell preparation.

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